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4770 Simmental Drive, Taylorsville, UT, 84123
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My experience here has been great. Alejandra has been helpful since day one when I came in to apply. She is always able to answer any questions I have and is always nice. I would definitely recommend working with her to anyone that asks.

Los apartamentos se ven bonitos tienen una buena ubicación lastimosamente no me han dado una respuesta desde que aplique en junio y ya es agosto en eso están mal porque son 44 dolares por aplicación

(Translated by Google) The apartments look nice they have a good location unfortunately they have not given me an answer since I applied in June and it is already August in that they are wrong because it is 44 dollars per application (Original) Los apartamentos se ven bonitos tienen una buena ubicación lastimosamente no me han dado una respuesta desde que aplique en junio y ya es agosto en eso están mal porque son 44 dolares por aplicación

Crystal is always the most professional in explaining (crystal clear!)things and most helpful in every way I have posed my issues so far. In the 2 years we have lived here she has been the Best!!!

I really don't have anything negative to say about this apts complex, I have lived here almost 3 yrs and the old management was terrible and very inresponsable but when new management took over they are great specially Joanna and Crystal the Managers in the office are great very helpful and responsable on getting anything we need done. Thank you lady's for all your help keep up the great service...

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I have to say this is a very nice apartment. The grounds are kept well, the staff are kind and helpful. I came here looking for a place to live been having trouble since the pandemic has caused problems for a lot of people. The staff here were very kind and patient and even though we ran into a little bit of a pickle they were quick to fix it for me. I am very happy with where I live they have come in and fixed any little thing that has been wrong immediately and made me feel right at home.

When looking for a place i wanted something that made the apartment feel spacious and a washer/dryer. This place covers both of those. I like how the microwave isn't above the stove as well. Also lots of storage space.

Quiet calm I like it

This has been the easiest, quickest application process I??ve ever gone through. Jenn is on TOP of everything and took care of everything so quickly. She answered all of our questions and really made the process so painless. The price is great too.

Very happy and comfortable here. I'm going on my 3 rd year here. I feel very much at home here. Yes we've had new management every year. Not my issue. They've all been very nice. My neighbors are good and keep to them selves.. I also got my carpets cleaned for signing a new lease. Great job 47 Settlers! ❤️

I've lived here for almost half a year and so far it's been a decent experience. There's not so much that I really have to complain about aside from close proximity to major roadways frequented by fire trucks and police with their sirens on. Staff is kind, the email newsletters are useful, and not a not place for the price.

This place has been absolutely amazing. We have been here a little over 7 months and haven??t had any problems. Our apartment is all updated and the bedrooms are so spacious. Our neighbors are all friendly and pretty chill. And we have amazing parking! Never any worries about that, which coming into this I was definitely nervous about that. Since a lot of other apartments have limited parking spaces. An amazing first apartment, or an apartment in general. The leasing office employees are super sweet too, and the maintenance guys are always so happy and friendly. ???

Afforable, safe, and (generally) accommodating. Landscape kept well and clean. They have renovated and non renovated units. Pest free with pets allowed. In comparison to what other option we found at this price point, seems like a good deal. Though if you renew your lease, expect a price increase. In the lead up to us moving out, we saw more "questionable" residents meandering around and had police in the community almost once a month during the winter.

I??ve lived here for about a year now, I am surprised to see some of the reviews. So I thought I would leave one of my experience so far. The apartments are extremely spacious. Bedrooms are pretty big. You get the stackable washer and dryer included in your rent. They have dishwasher and microwave, two hall closets. These are just the features that surprisingly a lot of apartments don??t include. My apartment definitely has some flaws to it. When I first moved in the fireplace paint was all chipped. And the doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms and some of the walls have holes in them. They said they were going to get these things fixed starting with the fireplace. It hasn??t been done. My bathroom definitely at one point had water damage. I totally understand though they do have quite a bit of apartments to work on and it probably wasn??t much of a priority, and I know that since then they have different maintenance people here. These apartments have been here for a really long time, so these things do happen over time. But I have no doubt that when I get around to going into the office about these things, I am confident that they will take care of these issues. I had an issue with my kitchen sink flooding and I had to call the maintenance emergency line on a Saturday they were at my apartment within 10 minutes, they weren??t able to fix it and had to call a plumber. The plumber came to fix it, two weeks later had the same problem, called the emergency line again they were again there within 10 minutes, had a different plumber come in and that was back in November. I haven??t had a problem since! They were responsive in a very timely manner. I??ve seen posts about drugs and theft, these are unfortunate things to deal with, but I personally have not seen any drug activity or theft, although I don??t doubt these things have happened, but I don??t think it has anything to do with the complex, these are problems that are seen throughout the whole city. I??ve not had any issues with packages, they do have the option to hold packages at the office and you can pick them up there instead of having them left at your doorstep! My neighbors pretty much keep to themselves, the complex for the most part is pretty quiet. I feel safe where I live and all and all it??s been a pretty enjoyable place to call home! The location is great the price with the amenities are very competitive. If you??re looking in this area it??s definitely worth checking out. I have already signed another year lease. Just keep in mind they aren??t apartments that were just built. They have character to them (:

I love living here because I'm close to work only 5 minutes away. We are centrally located in the valley so it's not far from anything. Great access to both freeways. Plenty of shopping nearby with many choices. Quiet community friendly helpful neighbors. Great place to live. Pleasant staff willing to answer questions.

Solid 4 star. This is a beautiful place to live and I??m personally planning on staying for a couple years. Only thing keeping it from being a 5 is maintenance response time (slightly understaffed)

I have been living here from last 18 months No complaint till now Management is great They listen to the problem And resolve it in best possible way
I just moved in on Friday this is Sunday. I was super excited the model is amazing! Shows really well. The office is fabulous the pool is huge they have a hot tub gorgeous barbecue area beautiful basketball court and even a hammock area for summer. When I signed my paperwork, I asked the leasing person if there was any problems with bugs? we were talking about bed bugs, so I can't remember if we clarified other? but I'm pretty sure she said there was no history of bugs here, so I was pretty upset when I moved in and there's an ant infestation! Now I can't bring much of my things in and when I told her I needed them to spray she told me I would have to wait till Wednesday. That's five days living with ants all over the bathroom floors and walls in the hallways and working their way into the bedrooms and a good amount in the dining room. so I've been Waging War all day everyday waiting for Wednesday to get here. Also the second bathroom toilet is not working. Also if you are looking to move in just be aware there are huge holes in the parking lot - there is a mini Grand Canyon right by my parking space. I'm not sure why they haven't fixed it? I'm sure it has broken a tie rod or two on multiple cars. Just saying. And I'm not too excited about paying $20 a month for a valet trash fee when I could throw my bag of trash at the dumpster just about and hit it from my porch. That said I was desperate for a place to live and didn't have time for anything else. All-in-all - I like the floor plan. I like the appliances in the kitchen and the master bedroom is pretty big and the second bedroom is not too bad either. So as far as those things go it will work, but apparently this complex is really old, there are a lot of patch repairs especially in the bathroom. There were no drain plugs for the tubs, the tub in both bathrooms is pretty gross. I can't get either bedroom window or the dining room window open. Oh yeah and I'm not sure if it's just because it's a different management company from where I used to live or what but the old company used a professional cleaning service every time people moved out and since moving in- I have been cleaning my apartment, I noticed the toilets were not cleaned on the bottom/sides. There was still urine and the walls have not been painted, nor even wiped. spent about 4 hours today wiping walls and bathrooms and cleaning off stuff that was still on there. so all in all I would still say move in, its beautiful property, lots of lovely flowers and trees but just be aware the apartment is not going to be as nice as the office and the model. And make sure you bring your cleaning supplies and your own drain plug and I would do a walk-through on your apartment1st.

The apartments are really nice. Pool area is amazing and staff is helpful and kind. Great location!